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Access Control

Access control price list in Bangladesh – Fingerprint Time Attendance system in Bangladesh.

Access control price list in Bangladesh – Fingerprint Access control price

Face detection, RFID, Pin, Password, ID Card, Time attendance Machine, Auto Gate Control, Door lock, payroll automation System, etc.

Modern technology has allowed designers and manufacturers of access control systems to constantly push the boundaries and produce products with an ever increasing number of technical and innovative features.

Whilst such technology should be embraced, care must be taken to ensure that these new technologies and applications are suitable for the intended use, compatible with existing technologies, practical, effective and, where required, aesthetically in tune with the building.

Standards and Codes play an ever important role in ensuring that products installed meet the exact requirements and operational needs of each individual application. They also offer some reassurance that emerging technologies are assessed and, where necessary, tested and certificated before being installed in buildings, thereby offering specifiers, tenants and owners of large multi-use/multi occupancy buildings some degree of protection and peace of mind.

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